1,066th Emblem

Emblem of the 1,066th Heavy Infantry Airbourne Division

Under the command of Lance General Dragoslav Jankovich, men and women of the 1,066th Division serve as one of the main offensive appendages of the 51st Infantry Assault Army. Along with the majority of the 107th Army Group, this unit resides in Fortress Ganzer on the barren Iron-mining world of Broundenschalle. Unlike many other airbourne units, the 1,066th fields a large quantity of vehicles, allowing it to keep up with most mechanized divisions once the front lines have caught up with them.


The nickname "Strikin' ten-six-six" was created by Captain Yohannes Milenko of the 2,536th Heavy Armour Division. During the First Battle of Xorgraria, the 2,536th came under heavy attack from a Grox AT unit, with six AT weapons for every tank in the Eteno divion. It was only because the 1,066th took a great risk in splitting its forces to flank the Grox AT unit and annihilate it that the 2,536th survived with the majority of their heavy tanks intact.

Order of BattleEdit

  • 25th Air Brigade - Lieutenant Colonel Vihomir Minkov
    • 2nd AT Company - Major Maria Duerr
      • 21st AT Regiment
      • 22nd AT Regiment
      • 14th AT Regiment
      • 5th AT Regiment
      • 6th Mechanized Regiment
      • 90th Heavy Infantry Regiment
      • 145th Heavy Infantry Regiment
    • 44th Light Armour Company - Major Stefan Drako
      • 1st Light Armour Regiment
      • 2nd Light Armour Regiment
      • 25th Light Armour Regiment
      • 66th Light Armour Regiment
      • 7th Light Arrmour Regiment
      • 9th Mechanized Regiment
      • 100th Mechanized Regiment
    • 7th Mechanized Company - Major Radmilo Andreev
      • 1st Mechanized Regiment
      • 3rd Mechanized Regiment
      • 400th Mechanized Regiment
      • 7th Mechanized Regiment
      • 3rd Light Armour Regiment
      • 4th Light Armour Regiment
      • 726th Heavy Infantry Regiment
    • 1st Infantry Company - Major Kreszentia Olagradda
      • 401st Light Infantry Regiment
      • 403rd Infantry Regiment
      • 404th Infantry Regiment
      • 405th Infantry Regiment
      • 410th Heavy Infantry Regiment
      • 67th Armour Regiment
      • 1st Armour Regiment
  • 9th Air Brigade - Colonel Boyko Antonije
    • 5th AA Company - Major Nikola Navdra
      • 1st AA Regiment
      • 2nd AA Regiment
      • 3rd AA Regiment
      • 81st Infantry Regiment
      • 82nd AT Regiment
      • 83rd Heavy Infantry Regiment
      • 85th Heavy Infantry Regiment
    • 6th Light Armour Company - Major Bogdan Srecko
      • 15th AT Regiment
      • 302nd Light Armour Regiment
      • 303rd Light Armour Regiment
      • 305th Light Armour Regiment
      • 69th Light Armour Regiment
      • 780th Mechanized Regiment
      • 4th Armour Regiment
    • 11th Heavy Infantry Company - Major Samuil Bajrughdov
      • 1st Heavy Armour Regiment
      • 2nd Heavy Armour Regiment
      • 30th Light Infantry Regiment
      • 31st Infantry Regiment
      • 32nd Heavy Infantry Regiment
      • 33rd Heavy Infantry Regiment
      • 34th Heavy Infantry Regiment
    • 472nd Mechanized Company - Major Evpraksiya Hildegard
      • 22nd Mechanized Regiment
      • 23rd Mechanized Regiment
      • 54th Mechanized Regiment
      • 909th Armour Regiment
      • 91st Heavy Infantry Regiment
      • 92nd Heavy Infantry Regiment
      • 93rd AT Regiment

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