The 982nd Carrier Strike Craft Group is one of the seventeen flight wings of the Eteno Miroslav-Class Supercarrier ENS Imperio de Espana. It's CO is Colonel Svenja Wittholz. Normally, a combat unit such as this would not be notable, but it is rumored that it will be spearheading the attack on the Kklxin homeworld, which will occur when it is found.


CO - Col. Svenja Wittholz

XO - Lt. Col. Kruzentsky Volchezik

1st Flight GroupEdit

CO - Cmmndr. Walrad Laupenmuehlen

XO - Lt. Cmmndr. Rolf Gemuenden

40 'Luca' Fighters

2 C-10 Gunships
6 Tesson-Class Fighters

15 Valkyrie-Class Fighters

7 Ferda-Class Bombers

20 Kula-Class Bombers

2nd Flight GroupEdit

CO - Commndr. Resjul Thez

XO - Lt. Cmmndr. Koruzi Gunther

10 'Luca' Fighters

40 Ferda-Class Bombers

20 Tern-Class Gunships

20 Tesson-Class Fighters

3rd Flight GroupEdit

CO - Cmmndr. Brastislav Berlin

XO - Lt. Cmmndr. Ludwig Lorenz

80 Defender-Class Fighters

10 'Luca' Fighters

4th Flight GroupEdit

CO - Cmmndr. Nikolja Mihov

XO - Lt. Cmmndr. Joakim Radomir

40 'Luca' Fighters

10 Tern-Class Gunships

40 Kula-Class Bombers

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