Alk'charis is a remote planet which orbits the star Meezinho which is located outside the Milky Way galaxy. The planet is known for being the location where the demon Uszaroth was summoned. It was formerly a Kklxin base, but was soon abandoned afterwards.


The planet used to be a flourishing T3 jungle planet approximately 5 million years ago. Life was among the most diverse in the galaxy. It had a strong resemblance to Paleozoic Earth at that time. However, Meezinho emitted a powerful solar flare which completely scorched the surface, destroying all life that was not underground. To this day, the damage still remains permanent and the whole planet had become a rocky desert. Currently, the planet has a terrascore of 1 as the atmosphere is still stable and suitable to carbon-based life forms.


Buried within the sand is the ancient Titan city of Nazaru. Some buildings have sunk underground over time while very few ruined buildings remain on the surface. Somewhere within this vast desert are the Great Towers of Nazaru, each about one mile tall. However, they are almost always covered in electric storms making them difficult to find.

Also deep within Nazaru is a buried mechanical golem which stands over 200 feet tall. This golem named Goliath is said to be the handiwork of a Titan craftsmen.


The Kklxin used the planet as a remote outpost after working with the rogue Dhragolon Rarsan to summon the demon Uszaroth. This planet was the perfect location to perform the ritual. A facility was built on the surface while a Dhragolon temple was constructed in a cavern nearby. After the demon was summoned, the colony was soon abandoned.

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