Altus Infra is a manifestation of negative emotions forming shortly after the death of Altus Banya in the Yallvus Revolution. He has been alive for thousands of years and has become alarmingly powerful. Infra is also the founder of the Dhragolon cult, the Altusian Brotherhood. His followers become indoctrinated to follow him after being promised immortality.


Infra is often referred to as the embodiment of evil and negativity. Although he says he wished to dethrone the Rustiagon family, he has much larger plans, wishing to become a Titan himself and control the universe and to practice methods what he believes are superior to the Titan Kray's. Essentially, he wants to replace Kray. He wishes to rule the universe with tyranny and fear and to threaten nonbelievers with eternal punishment.


Infra has a wide variety of abilities and has time progresses, he becomes closer to the status of a Titan. Like his followers, he has the ability to cause someone else's emotions to take control of them, sending them into a blind rage. This is to keep the victim from thinking rationally. Also, much like his followers, he is immortal and cannot be killed with normal weapons. He can teleport short distances by vanishing into a cloud of darkness, and can even shapeshift to hide his abilities to blend in.

Perhaps his most deadly ability is that when a victim lets their guard down, Infra can snap his fingers to cause the victim's heart to stop completely. He can also do the same to short circuit machines and cause them to explode.


Infra has the abilities of an exceedingly skilled Majite. He can combust the very air itself and throw fireballs, though he prefers to use dark energy. He also carries a unique staff - the upper half is the blade of a sword and the lower half is a hilt.

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