The Aluhijlok Empire Are a Social Empire.They are NEVER Agressive.They are Diplomants.


The Aluhijlok Empire is Known for Their Emperor.He Has Been Kind to the Galactic Code and Other Empires.


Crime Level 1:This Level Includes Stuff Like Theft.The Suspect Must Then Pay off The Fine Depending on what they Stole.If They do Not Have Enough Glanks(The Aluhijlok Version of Sporebucks)They Must Then Serve Time In Prison.The Time they Spend in Their Also Depends on what they Stole

Crime Level 2:This Level Includes Stuff Like Minor Vandalism or Threatning Assualt.Threatning Assualt May Get You In Jail For a Small Amount of Time.Minor Vandalism Will Most Likely Get You In Jail.

Crime Level 3:This Level Includes Stuff Like Minor Assault or Medium-Major Vandilism.Both Will Get you In Jail

Crime Level 4:This Level Has Stuff Like Medium-Major Assualt and Minor Betrayal.Both Can Get You In Federal Prison.

Crime Level 5:This Includes Stuff Like Extreme Assualt and Medium Betrayal.This WILL Get you in Federal Prison

Crime Level 6:This Includes Stuff Like Treason And Major Betrayal.This Will get you sent to a Cold Barron Planet.


Glanks are 10 Sporebucks,Roughly

Coins Edit

Glankenny:1 Glank

Guhank:10 Glanks


Glonkank:25 Glanks

Dlankso:75 Glanks

Floinksa:100 Glanks

Jokokanks:500 Glanks

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