"This tool designates a colony into a museum for the storage, research, and protection of priceless artifacts."

The Archive Colony tool provides no benefit to the player in terms of safety or spice mining, but does give him/her the chance to safely store all of their artifacts andd collectibles outside of their storage bay for an indefinite amount of time. A colony designated as an Archive Colony will lose half of its building slots, replaced by a single, large building which can hold up to a hundred collectibles. The building, which shows up as 'Museum', has 30,000 hitpoints and comes with two of its own turrets in addition to the colony's eight.

An Archive Colony will provide the player with no other utility beyond storing artifacts and increasing the colony's total firepower. As it will reduce spice production rate it is advised that these are placed on T1 red spice planets.

Requirements Edit

To purchase the Archive Colony tool the player must have gained the Colonist 3 and Collector 2 badges.

This tool requires purchased ammunition

Locations Edit

Your Empire: §600,000

Ecologist Empire: §380,000

Bard Empire: §280,000

Diplomat Empire: §320,000

Types of Colony
Mining ColonyResort ColonyArchive ColonyFortress ColonyPrison ColonySector CapitalGalactic Capital

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