"Assassins are mercenary warriors. Silencing the target is the priority."

At first, Assassins are neutral towards the player's empire. Giving them gifts has double the effect and they instantly ally the player after ordered to attack an empire.

Assassin's Unique PowerEdit

The Assassin acquires the Poisonous Atmosphere unique ability. Poisonous Atmosphere can be used to make a planet T0 and stop the production of spaceships.

Gaining The Assassin ArchetypeEdit

Through EvolutionEdit

Behavior in the cell stage Behavior in the creature stage Behavior in the tribal stage Behavior in the civilization stage Resulting archetype


Through MissionEdit

First you must ally with an empire following this philosophy with a strength factor of 4 or 5, then you may request to become 'like' them from the mission interface. After paying §7,500,000, the mission given is to collect 99 Sporebucks bags from destroyed cities or spaceships. Upon completion return to claim your reward and you will change your philosophy and associated archetype, losing your old superpower and gaining the Assassin's Poisonous Atmosphere power.

Assassins' PhilosophyEdit

"We, the Assassin Empire follow the Philosophy of Secrecy. Races that don't pay for our services shall be threatened and stolen. If threatening doesn't work, they shall be tortured, stolen and exterminated.

For that, we have the Poisonous Atmosphere ability."

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