Asylum is the artificial homeworld of the Kklxin. It was built shortly after the destruction of the Kklxin galaxy using leftover debris from various spacecraft, planets and white dwarves. As the population of Kklxin dropped below the minimum to survive, they resorted to clone the most genetically advanced of them to repopulate themselves once they arrived at their destination.

Structural HistoryEdit

Asylum itself is essentially a large, garbled clump of junk about the size of a large asteroid with a miniture white dwarf at the center to generate resources. However, once it arrived in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Kklxin needed to harvest more space junk in order to house entire armies as they were largely aware of the threats of other species. Over time, it grew to the size of a small moon.

After about one hundred years since Aslyum first arrived in the galaxy, the Kklxin discovered a distant planet inhabited by the Genodraco. Eager for more resources, the Kklxin razed the planet and destroyed it once it was dry of resources. However, the giant sphere which the Genodraco used to clone themselves was found within the debris of the planet which was untouched. Realizing the sphere was made of the rare substance Dragonrock, the Kklxin sought to find as many of these spheres as possible. Eventually, they modified the sphere to clone Kklxin and tested its power by launching a surprise attack on the Eteno colony Elariun. Although the sphere proved successful, the invasion failed but not before leaving the colony in ruins.

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