The Batra in interstellar flight

The Batra is a small ship of Dhragolon design. It is a hybrid between a fighter and a carrier, and is twice as large as the Dragon Cruiser. It was created specifically for GSSOC.


The Batra can be driven by two people, but usually only one takes control. It has a telepathic amplifier installed on the dashboard so messages can be interpreted out loud for the rest of the non-Dhragolon to hear.


The ship is piloted by Tholker Zhevhyit. The rest of GSSOC makes sure the ship still works.


Five people can be on the bridge at a time. However, the ship has a large cargo area to keep prisoners and other precious cargo.


The ship is equipped with rapid laser cannons. It can even charge up a globe of pure energy which destroys most ships its size in one hit.

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