Bioagent (1)

A Bioagent

The Bioagents are a race with control over poison and toxins. The most defining feature of their race is that they are one of the few multicellular and sentient bacteria in the known galaxy, and certainly the only to achieve sentience. They are remarkably intelligent. Their philosophy is infecting the evil and experimenting on them so they can cure the pure. They face much corruption, and leaders within their colonies intending to use their infections for personal gain. They possess all shaman abilities. They fight ninja-like, turning the blades on their hand into a toxic fan weapon. They are extremely quick as well. They often use the blades like throwing knives. Their goal of curing came from when they were small bacteria. They infected all other cells, effectively causing mass

A Biopod

cell genocide. The Biopod felt sympathy and loneliness. Therefore, it dedicated the rest of it's advanced existance to curing the pure.


The Bioagents are one of the most advanced creatured in the Universe. Here are some of their acchiements.

  • Advanced Medicine- The Bioagents have some of the greatest medicine in the Galaxy. Most of their trade is centered around medicine.
  • Cloning-The Bioagents have been able to replicate the Biopods they originated from, allowing for their race to expand rapidly at any time needed
  • Communication With Micro Organisms-The Bioagents are learning how to release a chemical that can control cells and bacteria

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