Tukk Space is similar to the way the Bloggles colonized the galaxy.


Bloggle Recreation == About 900 BCE, The Bloggles had vanished from the Galaxy. Nobody knows why. Some suggested the Grox had planned this from the beggining, why they chose the Bloggles is unknown. This was only discovered after a Bloggle scouting party had returned from a different galaxy, a trip that lasted 50 years. When they returned, nothing was there. No home system. No planets in Bloggle Space. Nothing.


After the Bloggle scouting party had returned, they had to make a tough choice. Continue the species, or die out. They had Flash-Cloning tanks aboard their ship, so tehy got to work. They had found a small, Lush, cube-like T3 planet, and landed on it. They built a new civilization from scratch, cloning thousands of new citizens, breeding, and soon leaving the planet. About 500 years later, nobody could remember what had happened, no records of the Recreation. Soon, the Bloggles had an entire new empire to themselves, reaching out over hundreds of star systems. Bloggle culture mimicked the culture of the original empire, except for one thing. They had grown to becaome a corporate military state, conquering planets by trade, politics, or, if necessary, brute force.

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