The Bolions are a civilization.

The BolionsEdit


The Bolions (abv. Boli) began as a cell known as a Bo. They started getting bigger and became, by Generation 6, the Boli. They then became adaptive to land so they became, quite a hard-to-please group. This trait carried into the tribal era. Their tribe, The Noshgagoo, battled everybody just for the fun. The more times, they got better. Though after there final battle, with the Zelzibobs, they got calm, so they were OK. They were civilized, yet they were militarized. They loved using Gadget Bombs. Then, in there spacestage, there year 2389 (our year 24745), they launched on the big quest in space.


  1. Bo
  2. Bod
  3. Bol
  4. Boli
  5. Bolin
  6. Bolio
  7. Bolosk
  8. Boloskus
  9. Bolion

List of SpacecraftEdit

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