Books of Creation Edit

The books of creaion, or Genesis devices, are the books followed by the Creator philosophy. There are 11 books (5 books and 6 Devices)

Genesis Device 1 Edit

The universe was created by someone, and so, we could create anything

Book of Creation 1 Edit

We are members of The Universe, but we are superior, because we know the Secrets of Creation

Genesis Device 2 Edit

We have an incredible power, rebuilding and creating solar systems! If you join our cause, you could do your own planets!

Book of Creation 2 Edit

The Warlords, with the capability of burning an entire solar system, even its sun, are terrible, and must be destroyed.

Genesis Device 3 Edit

The Secret of the Universe and Creation is not free-for all, and you must turn pure to visite Sglode and discover it. For that, you must go to a lot of parts- his will be revealed next Device.

Book of Creation 3 Edit

The Grox are a horrible, but interesting race.

Genesis Device 4 Edit

You need to go to the Center of the Galaxy, Sol, and that will be the Easy part. Then you must visit another spiral galaxy (it cannot be a Dwarf one) and get to ITS center. Finnaly, you need to come back. Then, Sglode will appear to you and tell: ''I am not real. Creators and Scholars have discovered...

Book of Creation 4 Edit

We must battle Grox and Warlords, to free galaxy of all evil, and re-create the destroyed species and systems.

Genesis Device 5 Edit

... That if they join together they`ll discover the Secrets of the Universe!'' (Note: we have already joined and discovered the Secret of Universe, which is in the next device.)

Books of Creation 5 Edit

So, hear our call! dot atay, waiting for the Grox or Marinox, or maybe the Warlords destroy you! Join US and you`ll destroy the Grox!

Genesis Device 6/Last Book of Scholars Edit

Unfortunately, the book has not been found yet. See Scholars for more information.