Razora Sword Factory

Where the Tazora's Swords are Created

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The Razora/Tazora are a clan of galactic samurai. They have mastered the
Cempor Razora

A Creature Cempor Razora

sword to the point where they no longer carry a sword, but have evolved to have natural
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A Cempor Land Vehical, the Ninja Tank

ones on their body. The Tazora have not yet evolved to this yet,
Cempor tazora

A Cempor Tazora

so they use a mystical sword forged in water made by spirits. The Razora have these blades hidden under their wings. Both clans use mystical powers with their blades, like elements or slashing from a distance.
Cempor Razora (2)

A Cempor Razora Pilot

Research has shown that both the Razora and Tazora originated from the same cell ancestor, the Cempor.

The Cempor

Forrbiden Dojo

The Razora Dojo

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