This story is based on Civilization stage, yet the world it is on is about five times the circumference of a normal Spore planet, so there are a ton more nations. And more types!

Chapter 1Edit

The President of the Red nation sighed.

  • Will Olive just stop attacking Crimson for Source's sake?! he wondered.
  • Source must do something about this. Olive is so aggressive, it has already taken over two other cities by just force!

The president walked over the Conversion command and ordered an attack on an Olive nation military base near Crimson's only city, which was near defense-less, because they mainly use social techniques. They stood no match against the three city military nation called Olive, who was hoping to destroy them but having a stalemate with Red which intervened for their ally.

Chapter 2Edit

  • "Commander! The Olive nation intercepted our message!"
  • //Well then, retreat and get ready to defend the Crimson nation's city of Hityu!//
  • "Yessir!" came the reply.

Red had tried to attack Olive's base but with no luck. The religious vehicles steered away to guard Hityu. Red Nation RelVehicles poured into the guard as fifteen Crimson tanks came out of the city. Together there were nearly 200 of them, ready to take on Olive's 250.

A turret blasted out on an Olive tank and they immediately opened fire on the turrets. Olive airplanes fought with Red airplanes just above in the air as Indigo, another ally, blockaded Olive's port city on the horizon. A bomb was dropped on the Red-Crimson allied team from an Olive airplane, but the extra 30 red RelVehicles were still on hold and jumped into action as Red attempted to land a bomb on the Olive tanks which had finally stopped pouring in.

Chapter 3Edit

Indigo has been blockading Olive's port city. It was now time to attack and hopefully capture that city.

Boats poured out of their battleships and went towards the docks.

1, 2. . . 3, the number of sunk boats continued to rise. There was only 150 boats. 14, 15. . .

The first few reaches shore and combated the Olive soldier. Soon, they were pushed back but had hacked away further.

Meanwhile Olive drops bombs on the retreating Indigo boats, returning to their home city.

Chapter 4Edit

Red nation planes spiraled out of the air and exploded and Olive kept gaining. Luckily, Crimson planes took off (about 20) and shot down some of the Olive planes, who were now coasting around and dropping bombs. Unaware of Crimson, they downed fairly quickly.

A group of 50 RelVehicles ambushed Olive's nearby based and almost destroyed it. Planes followed up and destroyed more Olive tanks.

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