The Confederacy of Allied Planets was founded in 0 CY (Confederate Years), following the supernova of the homestar of the Sanar Empire, Tanthea, the destruction of the homeworld, Izator, and the destruction of the Sanar Home Fleet. The Matoes Sector over which the Empire ruled was thrown into chaos. Until a Bingfish named Makir Elehur, the former governer of the Bingfish Homeworld of Ekstangel, issued the Declaration of Galactic Freedom, which established a Confederacy and a Senate to govern it. As he stated in the Declaration:" The Objective of the new Confederacy is to ensure freedom and order in this part of the Galaxy which since the destruction of Izator has been lacking both. All planets in this Sector are hereby compeled to join the Confederacy, which they may or may not do. If not, they may find freedom and order forced upon them..." Elehur did not disappoint anybody when after his election as Prime Minister of the Confederacy he almost immediately ordered the construction of a battle group consisting of 2 Cruisers, 1 Destroyer, and 6 Coverttes. Also 4 Squardons of attack fighters were ordered. As if responding to this, a remnat group of Sanar Starships attacked Elehur City on Ekstangel. The Confederate War of Establishement had begun.

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