Creepasaphiens are a rare species of Spliced species.Created first from a three eyed squogg and the dna of an earth human.There are very few members of this species known in the galexy.One of these and probubly the first is Dr.Tiberious Creep.These beings are equipt with a biologicaly engineered third arm.Little is known about their homeworld if they have one at all.However some sporehistorians theorize that the apeared around star date 28.91 somewhere beyond the Xenus-1 asteroid belt.They have been known to be extremley intelegent yet also extremely unstable at the same time.Specimens like Dr.Creep also display somekind of split personality between Personality A:the happy and cheery sage shoclar and Personality B:The sadistic mad scientist! with little to no regard to other organic life.There have been claims due to their xenocidial tendencies they have been claimed to be acociated with the grox.

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