The Crynosia EmpireEdit

The Crynosia Empire, a ruthless force that wonders the Galaxy, the race is a lizard type of creature, their limbs consist of two legs and two arms and a tail that is spiked to impale victims close up back when they was evolving. The Empire ruthlessly took over Cryneria (Homeworld) over in a matter of days leading their supreme battle tanks into warfare, when they emerged victorious, they entered the unlimited realm, known as the Galaxy.

The Fight AwaitsEdit

The Crynosia Empire built a ship that had a 360 Degree firing arch, they first off seemed to be gaining allies from their sector, however the thought to be allies was destroyed and their homeworlds was claimed by the empire, it took many millions of years till the Empire made contact with the Grox, they was the first species to make peace with the Grox until the Empire moved deep into the zone, the Grox responded quickly and immediantly started to attack the empire's fleet, however the Empire responded aggresively in result creating a war, while traveling to the centre of the Universe, a new weapon was under construction, a weapon that could destroy entire systems, they called this the "Doom Lazor", after the testing of a planet, they were known to break the Galactic Code and soon start a war with the entire universe, the Empire defeated many other empires and eventually made it to the Centre where they entered and returned with a secret that no life returned with, not even the Grand Master of the Empire knows the Secret. And no one will ever know..

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