The cybernetic archetype is the archetype of the Grox. They follow the massive group of System Codes, not many ave been deciphered. Their super-power is the power of viral take-over.

Viral Take-OverEdit

The Viral Take-Over is an attack on enemy computer systems, it launches a series of viruses that hack into enemy computer systems. It takes over all of a single empire's ships within 5 parsecs of the target. It also takes control of all robotic units and computerized vehicles. Against another machine race, the viral take-over can be altered to take-over whole colonies, alike the Zealot super-power. The viral take-over begins with the chilling message, "All your base are belong to us." and it takes effect immediately.


The Machine adventure is Assimulation, where you lead a vast army of Dronex in the Conquest of A planet.

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