The darife. The darife is the evolved form of darike. The differences between darike and darife is that darife has two legs, is now 10 foot tall, has alot of spikes on the top of his head with one enormous one in the middle, and has two tails. He attacks by slapping things with his tail, using his head to stab things, wrapping things with his tail, and crushing things with his two tails. He can be found in a pack with 2-3 darikes in it. He is usually the pack leader unless it is a colony, if it is more than likely a DarGod will be the leader. He evolves into DarSpike, Then DarPrince, Then DarKing, Then DarGod. There are only 1 female for every 30 males. They are slightly more common than female darike, but they are still very rare as most of them are just evolve darikes.


A Darife. They still have their baby look as they are still low in the evelution line. >


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