Dear Veronika is a record of the messages exchanged by Private 3rd Class Branko Knezevic and Veronika Petrescu.

Kundel 1, 956 ATGWEdit

Dear Veronika,

Gabriela most likely already told you, but I've been shipped off to training. It was just like in the films we used to watch. A big convoy of trucks came down the street, and all the men just lined up on the sidewalk. An officer looked over us. He was a short fellow, maybe even a bit shorter than Stanislav! He looked pretty mean, though. He told us to get in the trucks, and I managed to find Vlatko in the commotion. The convoy all left at once, filled with all of us recent graduates. You know, it's a bit weird. It's so surreal to think that just four or five weeks ago, the teachers were giving us graduation sheets. Now, the military is going to make us all soldiers. We're all excited, even though we're leaving everyone behind. That I'm leaving you behind. That's probably the worst thing about this all. You're going off to university somewhere near the capital, and I'm going to training. I'll be an idiot compared to you once I'm out. Yeah, I changed my mind. I don't think I want a career here. It's only been two days, and I'm homesick. We were just assigned our quarters two hours ago. Our drill sergeant, Gunnery Sergeant Liviu, hasn't known us for a day and it's nothing but curses from him. We do something when he talks and he makes us do somewhere in the neighbourhood of fifty push-ups. If you crack a joke, you do pull-ups in the rain until he decides to make you stop. That reminds me, I think Vlatko is still out there, the poor guy. Despite Gunnery Sergeant Liviu's sour attitude, I bet that this'll be over before we all know it. I'll be off to the real stuff at the rifle schools, and... well... Vlatko says he wants to dive school, for some reason. He didn't seem to keen on discussing military careers on the truck for some reason, but he mentioned wanting to be supporting the actual assaults. Like a combat diver. Anyways, I think I hear a drill sergeant yelling in the next barracks. Liviu's probably coming.

Forever yours,

Recruit Branko Knezevic.

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