Star Veneris
Moon(s) Verg
Atmosphere 97% nitrogen, 2% oxygen, 1% other
Surface and crust elements Nickel, iron, gold, silicone, carbon, others.
Status Capitol of the Garko Empire
Ownership Garko Empire (97 BGY - present)
Notable cities Gark'Ana


Allegiances Gark'Ana Empire

Garko Empire

Goverment Imperial
Ruler(s) Kux I (30 BGY - 9 GY)

Ethxe I (10 GY - 43 GY)



Diana is the second planet in the Veneris system, home to the Garko among other species. It is a planet with a T-score of T3, making it a perfect habitat for life.

Diana is home to somewhat 30 000 000 species, most prominently the Garko, the Horg-Horg, the feet-horns and the Gargantuan. The surface of the planet is covered in green, lush plains, although some forests dot the land. Blue oceans cover about 20% of the planet's surface.

The planet's atmosphere is green, with some blue, pink and yellow tones. The gases within this atmosphere are not entirely defined.

Diana has only one satellite: the volcanic moon of Verg (in Gark: Kidapaleg), which rotates the planet at an unusual slow speed (in the meantime of one rotation of Verg, Diana rotates around its star twice). This moon has deeply mystic meanings for the Garko, as it - by chance or not - hovered over them during many important events in their history (see Battle of Lazma).


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