Dr. Tiberious Creep is a grey striped genius with a long "third arm".

  • Name: Dr. Tiberious Creep the 1st
  • Classification: Mutant
  • Species: Creepasaphien (Spode Archives)
  • Origins: Dr.Creep was formed by the primordial mucus of a three eyed squgg and the embryo of an earth human. Now he roams the galaxy creating insane genetic experiments. You can meet Dr.C in a galactic adventure. You can also view Dr. Creep by Searching Doctor Creep in the sporepedia.
  • Abilities: Extreme I.Q. of approximately 10 ultra-computers. Dr. Creep is the greatest of spore minds. He also possesses extreme strength in his "third arm". Weirdly enough he never uses it.



Experiment001 function:to pick up things 10,000 times his size status:contained in sub-Z chamber in a lab

Experiment002 function:to shoot acid from it's mouth status: dead(died from radioactive heat wave on the planet Vos)

Experiment03:function and status unknown

Eperiment04:function and status unknown

Eperiment05 function:to make deafening screams status:the experiment was deemed a failure and encansed in a sub Z camber

Experiment09 function:unknown status:dead(vivisected)

"The Weer" : a monster of incredible power status:not made the plans for the Weer are present in his lab but hidden

Eye eating Relk:a monster that ate eyeballs right out of their sockets.It is also fond of strawbery's

The Creeper:an enourmous man eating plant

Taliscon:mamoth sized eyeball on legs

Subject 300:a mutilated and tormented punished enemy of the doctor.He is responsible for the extinction of 78,000 species(saphient and non-saphient) and is tortured everyday for his crimes.he is revived if killed by a special life-suport system in his top secret prison cell

the tortures Edit

Experiments Done on him

  • Having his brain removed and painfully regrown in his skull
  • Having a foot fused to his back
  • Vivisected with out anestesia
  • Shocked by Dr.C's 10 thosand volt Powr-generator to test it's conductivity
  • he was once cloned,only only half the clone emerged from his back painful;y
  • He has been fed to The Creeper several times as food
  • Injected with at least three venoms

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