Dragonrock is the hardest known material in the universe being even stronger than diamond. Most forms of it have a purple hue and are luminescent.

Dragonrock is an allotrope of iron, more specifically a form of the delta allotrope. This results in it having a cubic crystal structure as well it being non-magnetic. It is among the rare gemstones of the galaxy along with ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond. Dragonrock usually forms from intense volcanic activity from compression making it a metamorphic rock. Normally when a delta allotrope cools down, it forms austenite, but because it forms in the lower part of a planet's crust, it maintains its general crystalline structure and remains that way due to compression even when it cools down. For this reason, it is very rare and difficult to obtain. It is extremely profitable when it comes to trade, but other species such as the Dhragolon prefer to preserve it and its natural beauty.

Two kilograms of Dragonrock have a value of 500,000 Sporebucks as the planets it usually forms on are hostile. The majority of planets where Dragonrock is found are terrestrial: 6 Earth masses or larger. The fact that Dragonrock was found naturally on a planet as small as Ucharpli is an anomaly beyond comprehension leading some to even believe that the Dragonrock was placed there long ago by a spacefaring race that preceded the Dhragolon.

It is also extremely difficult to actually forge Dragonrock because of the intense heat and pressure required, and there has only been one instance of artificially forged Dragonrock. However, the forging technique has never been able to be replicated

A piece of Dragonrock.

and perhaps never will be as it is more costly to actually forge the Dragonrock than the Dragonrock is actually worth.

Dragonrock is also luminscent as the crystals formed are transparent. This happens after the Dragonrock cools down losing its color. However, the transparent crystals trap purple light. The light is then refracted which makes it glow in the dark, thus providing an amazing view in the Sea of Diamonds.

With proper techniques, the Dragonrock can actually be strengthened even more than it is by a blessing; as of now, this is only known to the Dhragolon.

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