The ELICAN Program was originally a top secret supersoldier program by the Karnasaurs. It was named after the tribe that most Karnasaurs decend from, a war like, intelligent ribe that used thier intelligence to forge iron weapons while others were barely beginning to understand bronze. It began in the middle of the Galactic War, when the UA used its "officiality" as a leverage in the war.

Physical Training Edit

At a young age in the military, future ELICANS were taken into a rigorous training course, trained to be able to lift 15X thier body weight, a little less then twice the normal amount. They were put through 5 hours of excercise every day, for 7 days a week for a year. They were shot at, sliced, beat, whipped, stabbed, poisened (slightly larger doses weekly ((a drop, 2 drops, etc.))), stretched (slightly more weekly), and other physical abuse for a year. Then the gentic work began.

Gene Therapy Edit

After a year of intense training, the ELICANS to be were the toughest, most disciplined soldiers in the galaxy. But of the 500 that went in, only 450 went into the gene therapy. The following genes were used:

HAs4rt0- Increases flesh durability, used to bulletproof, stabproof, sliceproof, and -proof their skin against many things

GSt3ew1- Allows fast thinking, used for calculating equations mentally and keeping calm under pressure

EEf3rh5- Resists poison

RWj7fr9- Allows intense physical output.

LBh5dy4- Allows long periods of holding breath

LCd7xe5- Increases constitution

LPk6gg0- Increases endurance

HFo9dt9- Found in Karnasaur skin cells, allows cellulose digestion, increasing longetivity thousands of years.

All genes required several months to take into effect, however, due to time constraints, all genes were injected faster then likeable. From the 450 that went in, only 10 came out. The intense physical training wasn't enought for them to withstand the amount of genetic rewriting taking place. Only the 10 most enduring, constitutional, disciplined, and determined prospects made it out.

The Final 10 Edit

To be posted...

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