"Ecologists are the protectors of nature. Species that attempt to exploit and corrupt the galaxy must be exterminated."

Ecologist Unique PowerEdit

The Ecologist acquires the Safari Vacuum unique ability. Safari Vacuum can be used to instantly abduct 2 of each species from a planet. This makes it easy to get Zoologist Badge 5.

Gaining The Ecologist ArchetypeEdit

Through EvolutionEdit

The Ecologist Archetype is awarded to species that gain every card, plus an additional green.


Through MissionEdit

First you must ally with an empire following this philosophy with a strength factor of 4 or 5, then you may request to become 'like' them from the mission interface. After paying §10,000,000, the mission given is to fill out 50 ecosystems. Upon completion return to claim your reward and you will change your philosophy and associated archetype, losing your old superpower and gaining the Ecologist's Safari Vacuum power.

Note that you may not fill out 50 ecosystems and then automatically complete the mission upon its acceptance. You must accept and pay for the mission first, THEN fill out 50 ecosystems. Using the Species Eradicator to create an incomplete ecosystem and then refilling it DOES count to the 50 ecosystems you have to fill. Filling 50 ecosystems means completing a T3 food level 50 times, NOT raising the T-Score 50 times.

Ecologist's PhilosophyEdit

We, the (Ecologist) Empire, believe in the Scrolls of Life. We believe that you are us and we are you and that together we are one! Man, we are one with plants and animals, stars in the heavens, clouds in the atmosphere! We even have a safari vacuum that we use to abduct plants and animals so that they can join us in the circle of life."


Ecologists provide mainly terraforming and sculpting tools.

Voice Edit

When encountered, Ecologists speak with a Quacky, Squeaky voice. They also speak similarly to the stereotypical Hippie.

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