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The Elkrarians are a race from planet Annakrar. They have evolved much differentely than many other races technologywise. Their world reseambles various portrayals of fantasy versions of the Middle Ages. One major key to their advancement in their technology is their ability to manipulate electrical currents around them to perform alchemy or fire blasts of electrical energy. The race themself is unaware of the science behind this and often refer to this force as "Maj". It is almost the equivalent of magic in many fantasy stories. Though they have never actually been in space, they have developed a way to travel to different planets by creating portals with the assistance of the High Mages of the Elkrarians. They refer to other planets as "planes". One other alien they have made contact with is the orc-like Garrkorians from planet Chthurag, a world razed by warfare. The Garrkorians are just as primitive, often wielding large axes and have immense fortresses.


The Elkrarians deny that they had evolved from anything because of their religion. No serious study of Elkrarian evolution has ever been attempted because it would disrespect their culture.

An average Elkrarian stands about 4 feet tall at 50 pounds having long pointed ears. Their bodies are very fragile, but their intelligence makes up for it.

The Elkrarians are able to manipulate Maj because their hands consists of static electricity which they can freely control. At will, they can ignite electrical sparks and shoot out bolts of electricity from their hands. They have learned to harvest this electricity through specially constructed staves which can amplify the electricity's power. Users of these staves are often referred to as Mages.


The Elkrarians are polytheistic. Their religion does not have a specific name so other aliens refer to it as "Elkrari religion". Like the Ancient Greeks, the Elkrarians believe that many gods exist for specific tasks. The ruler of all gods is named Ma'jzh who controls the flows of Maj throughout the universe.

Encounters with other aliensEdit

The Elkrarians once created a portal to Ucharpli, the home to one of the galaxy's most advanced races. They were amazed to see the tall beings who called themselves Dhragolon and believed them to be magical creatures of knowledge, but were surprised that despite their intelligence could not use Maj. Originally, they were stunned that the Dhragolon worshipped only one God, but was compromised when the Dhragolon told them "No matter how one worships a God, we all worship the same one." However, the Dhragolon requested that the Elkrarians leave their planet because their technology was beyond their understanding. If the Elkrarians were to get a piece of technology, it would upset the balance of the universe according to the Dhragolon.

Another, less-peaceful encounter was with the Garrkorians from Chthurag.

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