Eska is a planet located about three parsecs from the edge of Galactic Senate territory. It was colonized by the Dhragolon for the purpose of luring the Genodraco Legion to discover the cause of their strange behavior.

The colony is designed to mimic the structure of a Civilization-Age species which are the primary targets of the Genodraco. Thus, many small cities are sparsely scattered throughout the whole planet. The geography consists of mostly grasslands and mountainous terrain as well as 60% oceans. Before colonization, there were no sapient species inhabiting the area as the planet never evolved such creatures despite being in the age of mammals.

The planet also has three moons: Kapio, Atrox, and Torva. All three moons are relatively rocky though Atrox and Torva are actively volcanic. Together, the moons may occasionally cause quick rises in the tides which may flood the shores by at least a mile which makes the construction of port cities almost impractical.


The mission proved to be a success. However, the planet's surface was utterly ravaged. Every city that was built on it was reduced to nothing but rubble and many fires had scorched the plains. The world's resources were stripped and the tides grew becoming even more dangerous. As the planet has served its purpose, it has now been abandoned by the Dhragolon since the damage done to the planet's environment was irreversible. However, life on the planet still persists albeit under harsher conditions.


  • The names of the locations are derived from Latin words. "Eska" means "bait." "Kapio" means "catch". "Atrox" and "Torva" both mean "savage".

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