Eteno Base Staff

The Eteno species stems from a powerful group of phytoplankton and fish, known as the Helduns. Helduns were unique in that they were very aggressive and contained unusual amounts of muscle. While the Eteno are average in strength compared to other species in the galaxy, they are much stronger than creatures of similar height.


Eteno stand roughly 1.6 metres tall, officially short in galactic taxonomy. They are quite yellow, with small black marks all across their body. Their eyes are larger than that of most species, and their eyelids are generally not visible when the eyes are fully open. Their arms are held in front of them at an angle in a comfortable position. They are able to breathe in the harshest environments and are universally known for their incredible talent in research and physical endeavors.


Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Primate

Family: Hominidae

Genus: Etenus

Species: Etenus Hominidae

Biological StatisticsEdit


Avg. Height: Imperial: 5' 4" Metric: 1.6256 Metres

Avg Weight: 130.58 Pounds 59.23009 Kilograms

Life Span: 130 Galactic Standard Years

Child Age: 0-18 Years

Adult Age: 18-50 Years

Old Age: 50-130 Years


Eteno are rather short, but have much greater muscle mass per inch of height than many other species in the galaxy. The Eteno have exceptionally powerful lungs, and are able to breathe Hydrogen as they breathe Oxygen. Another note is that the Eteno are incredibly resistent to substances such as alchohol. This enables them to drink comfortably at a level that would severely intoxicate other species. The Eteno have tough hides that they evolved to deal with the harsh climes of their environment. Unfortunately for the Eteno, the species has a major flaw. Eteno have violent tempers, and thus one who can control his or her temper in Eteno society is respected.

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