Vole MonoreEdit

"On every good prince or general's desk should be four things: an encyclopedia, a sword, a map, and a warm cup of coffee."

- Vole in a GNN interview in 969 ATGW

"When I'm old and senile, I'm still going to be fighting, make no mistake."

- Vole in an archived GNN audio-only interview.

"And we're gonna kill some Kklxin!"

- A rather senile Vole shortly before the Battle of Yallvus, demonstrating his extraordinary short-term memory at the time.

Ivanov MonoreEdit

"The quintessential planing session normally includes the sharpest on-site, fusing their collected experiences and knowledge to come up with a creative solution to their conundrum. It also includes unusually large cups of coffee."

- Ivanov in his autobiography titled: "Every closed door opens a window". The humorous 8 word summary of the book simply stated: But some windows are on the ninth floor.

Elrich von EibeerEdit

"I saw those imposing figures standing in rows as I walked through a human museum, and imagined the infinite mischief that could be created among enemy's morale if you suited several thousand swordsmen in replicas and had them go wild."

- Eibeer commenting on his deal with the humans to trade advanced Eteno technology for forty suits of antique samurai armour on GNN.

"I don't like you. I'm this close to shooting you- lower your rifles, worms!"

- Eibeer, angry at overconfident human leaders during a Vladivostok summit.


"If there had to be one example of exceptional collective heroism, it would be the Imperial Naval Infantry."

- Lieutenant Colonel Mikhail Nikolad, 734th Colonial Mechanized Division, shortly after the Fifth Battle of Xorgraria.

"Dive bombers! Dive bombers just when I need them most!"

- Captain Yakov Slobodan, 1,066th Heavy Infantry Airbourne Division, at the Battle of Asylum.

"That wasn't a battle. It was an elaborate surrender ceremony."

- Jonathan Keplat, after the Second Battle of Zaprigorsk.

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