Euigifa is a 2nd case of Ledfungi, a type of blood related to older epic creatures. Euigifa is more rare than Ledfungi, though and usally travels through cells in the Cell stage.

2nd Kingdom Weluia

Euigifa, Weluia and FenarEdit

Weluia, related to the Hossie creature is a blood cell that is in the 2nd Kingdom of Euigifa. Fenar, a third related kingdom of Euigifa, causes a better chance of birth and is usally related to Ledfugi by 37 kingdoms. Fenar is super rare x6 and 1 in 6000 cells will have it. A cell that has it will turn into a epic creature of its kind in 230 million years (Spore) while Weluia 890,000 years.


  • Here are the kingdoms related to Euigifa: Ledfugi, Weluia, Fenar, Majioos, Desar, Remarany, Sectory, Dewars, Kajlar, Amaqwer, Bezwash, Uranbet, Irgy, Molarego and 425 more!
  • Euigifa has been nearly extinct many times with Irgy, but has recovered

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