"Explorers search for new friends, or enemies. The ultimate goal is to know your way around the galaxy, with help spread around it."

Explorers are neutral at first sight. However, they are doubly effective to terraforming.

Explorer Unique PowerEdit

The Explorer acquires the Galactic Finder unique ability. Galactic Finder stops all wars and makes Pirate raids or attacks less likely in a radius of about 10 parsecs for 5 minutes, though it does not move with your spaceship. 10 minutes Cooldown.

Gaining The Giver ArchetypeEdit

Behavior in the cell stage Behavior in the creature stage Behavior in the tribal stage Behavior in the civilization stage Resulting archetype


Through MissionEdit

First you must ally with an empire following this philosophy with a strength factor of 4 or 5, then you may request to become 'like' them from the mission interface. After paying §7,500,000, the mission given is to Find 50 new empires. Upon completion return to claim your reward and you will change your philosophy and associated archetype, losing your old superpower and gaining the Explorer's Galactic Finder power.

Explorer's PhilosophyEdit

"The Explorer Empire follow the Philosophy of Discovery, which we finally completed after many years of adventure. We find and destroy and ally as many as possible empires. To explore and map the Galaxy is the best we can do. Without Discovery, the Galaxy would not know each other and be in danger of war.

We've also got really cool superpower called the Galactic Finder! We use this to stop all wars we accidently started and also repel those dumb pirates! It's probably the best tool you could ever have.

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