Featured content includes any pages that were once featured on the front page. Speak to a senior user or adminstrator to get your article featured. The following articles have been featured in the past or are currently featured.

Empires of the WeekEdit

Planets of the WeekEdit

Warships of the WeekEdit

Any articles that become featured will receive the following tag:

This article is so well-written, it has been featured on the mainpage.

If you think of another article that qualifies to be featured as well, please request it in Featured Content.


If you want to have a shot at getting featured, make your article very detailed and informative. Since Spore is generally a sci-fi game and an evolution simulation, try to make your content somewhat realistic and believable. Feel free to offer explanations based on hard science fact (or even technobabble if you are not a science buff). In other words, don't feel limited to what the game itself can do. It may be wise to check out some of the articles that have already been featured to become inspired, though it is never a good idea to directly copy ideas from them. Lastly, be creative and have fun editing your article.


Use this format for your entries.

Name: What everyone calls it

Main Author(s): Who is responsible for creating it and/or maintaing it

Short Description: The description that is displayed on the front page. Be creative with it. For example, instead of "The Dhragolon are a large kingdom", use somethig like "The Dhragolon are the bringers of justice to the ill-willed." Descriptions should be one to two sentences long or you may use the first few sentences of your article.

Reason: Why you think it should be featured.

Current Nominations (Empire of the Week)Edit

None at this time.

Current Nominations (Planet of the Week)Edit

None at this time.

Current Nominations (Warship of the Week)Edit

None at this time

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