The First Age in the Karnasaur calendar was the period of time from the creation of the Universe by the Titan King to the destruction of the Omni.

Rise of the AncientsEdit

This era was dominated mostly by the Titans and the Ancients. The Titans, shortly after the creation of the universe, had built many cities alongside their mortal counterparts - the most notable being the Omni. This was arguably one of the most prosperous eras of the universe as there were little to no wars. The Omni became the first ever galaxy-wide empire.

Birth of EvilEdit

Of course, such an prosperous era was destined to not last forever. During this era, the Grox were born into existence. As they multiplied, they became a threat to the Omni. As the Grox became more and more powerful, they became more and more aggressive eventually destroying the Omni.

Fortunately, the Omni left behind artifacts and engines that empires generations later would make use of. However, the Grox were the biggest threat to the galaxy until the late Fourth Age.

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