Fortuna is a T1 mining colony in Galactic Senate territory. It is shared by many alien races including the Dhragolon, Eteno Empire and Karnasaur. It is located within the Juno Nebula, a nearby blue cloud of dust.

Fortuna mostly consists of mountains and is rich with minerals such as gold and titanium. Although mostly rocky, it does contain sparsely scattered lichens and moss. The atmosphere is breathable, but aside from the lichens, the only fauna that thrive are protists. About ten years after the colony's founding, an ancient Omni metal forge was discovered. Immediately, members of the Big Five began to excavate it, but the project was kept a secret. The official explanation was that an explosion caused a leak of uranium onto the surface making the area unsafe.

Operation:Forge GuardEdit

About two weeks after the forge was uncovered, some Kklxin became aware of it and launched an attack on Fortuna, blockading airspace. No one could get in or out of the colony. The rest of the Big Five became aware of this and sent in GSSOC to investigate. They flew a small fighter vessel called the Batra into the Kklxin fleets to break through.

Upon breaking through the blockade, the team was sent to the ground to help hold off Kklxin forces. However, the Kklxin soon took control of the forge and the only option was to plant explosives and collapse the forge's entrance.


  • Fortuna is the name of the Roman goddess of luck, but it is also the name of a planet in the Star Fox series.

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