The Froton Empire is an Empire based from the planet Remlia in the Galareus system


After becoming space-faring, the Froton Empire colonized the planet Aegis in the Samos star system. They began to build up an empire by colonizing, buying, and conquering. They loved to terraform.

During the Bingfish War, the Froton Empire showed a darker side by using terraforming tools to transform the Bingfish homeworld of Bragan into an uninhabitable wasteland.

Allies and EnemiesEdit

The Froton have gained many allies during their history, including the Tuunk Empire, who follow the Philosophy of Harmony. Others include the money-loving Quabert Empire, the spiritual Solugo Empire, and the organized Mamons Empire.

On the other hand, the Froton have many enemies. They have eliminated all their main enemies (Including the Bingfish) and even allied with the Brawgle Empire after a long, drawn-out, and expensive war. Taking on missions from the allied Kronkey Empire led to war with the Quidee Empire.



The Froton enjoy hip-hop music, and their anthem fits into this category. Some famous hip-hop artists have gone on to reach galactic fame.


The Froton mostly play the sport of Hafflewhack in the colonies and on Remlia. It is an ancient sport originally invented by Rober, a tribal Maracan who died in a battle with a fierce enemy. Hafflewhack stars are almost always extremely popular.


Interactions with the Quabert from Kyloscheus has created a fad on Remlia and elsewhere and stir-fry is a popular dish. Other meals that are popular include an Oakwat salad, boiled mushrooms, and egg omelets.


The Froton use the currency of Sai. 1 Sai equals approximately 3 US dollars.

Below is a conversion chart of Froton currency.

1 Sai = 64 Xi

1 Xi = 7 Upi

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