The G.E.S. Yire is a light destroyer in current use of the Gurgon Empire Navy.

Size: 1/4 miles long, and 1 mile wide

Engines: 2 Class-3 Pulse Engines

Crew: Max: 50 Min: 10 Current: 30: (15 crewman, 10 ensigns, 4 Lts., and 1 Captain.)

Cargo space: 200 Tons

Weapons: 3 Proton Missile launchers, 1 Mega Laser, and 6 point defense lasers.

Current Captain: Captain Wer Uye

Class: Light Destroyer

Location: Obriting Planet Yeben



Commadore Tew Nuj (19 years)

Admiral Uew Mik (21 years)

Captain Wer Uye (Current)

Battle RecordEdit

  • Battle of We Nue
  • Battle of Asore 3
  • Battle of Jue Nuwe

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