In deep space,a blockade of starsystems surrounded the galactic core.They were keeping something from getting out.

"ORDER DOES NOT COMPUTE"said a red creature with cybernetic implants.

"We must keep the Staff of Life here or we'll disintegrate"said another.

"T-0 is our only terrascore and that tool can make any planet T-3"said the comander.

The creatures are the Grox,a species of red cyborg creatures who want to take over the universe.

Meanwhile at a distant planet.There was a galaxy wide organization of many species who are called the Galactic police force.They keep peace in the galaxies in the endless universe.

"Grox starsystems dead ahead"said the pilot.

"Prepair for an invasion"said the comander.

The flagship was planning to attack the Grox

"Soon,we will keep order to the universe by exterminating the Grox"said the confedant comander.

Chapter 1Edit

On the planet of Veilrick was an infestation pod,a machine used to terraform a planet to T-0.

"Barbados,BZZZZZZ,Barbados do you copy"said the G.P.F comander.

"Loud and clear sir"said Barbados over the com link.

"We need you and a recruit to destroy the pod"said the comander.

"Got it"said Barbados as he got his troops together.

The planet was nearly T-2 and the recruit just arrived.

"Listen new guy,that pod has to be destroyed or this planet is a goner"said Barbados.

The gate opened and the troops charged into battle.Conqrix troops beamed down and fought the fighters.They clased blades and shot blasters.They moved through the secret passage and quickly made their way to the pod.

"Plant the bombs now"ordered Barbados.

"SKURAHHHH"screamed the incoming conqrix troops.

"GO,GO.GO"shouted Barbados.

The troops ran back through town with the recruit in the lead.The conqrix troops almost caught up with them untill-KABLOOOOOOOSSSHHHHH!

"WAHOOO"cheered the troops.

"Well done Barbados"said the comander.

"Thank you sir"said Barbados.

The G.P.F flagship picked up the troops and left the starsystem in victory.The flagship's course was set to the Orgon-12 system.In that system was the G.P.F base.

"Flagship-125 docking in"said the pilot to the base's computer.

"ENTRY ACCEPTED"said the computer to the pilot.

Inside the base's metting room

"Its time that we should invade a few of the Grox's starsystems"said the comander.

"ARE YOU NUTS,we cannot take over a Grox filled starsystem"said a panicing soldier.

"Are you making a complaint about my plan here"said the angered comander.

"Sorry sir"said the soldier.

"We need to make a strategy"said another soldier.

Everyone started to think.

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