Welcome to the Galactic Marketplace! Here, Empires from across the Galaxy are free to trade with one another. Please, Refer to the instructions below before trading.

Instructions Edit

There are two types of trade: Free and Offical. Free trades are between players, and either player can come up with the conditions of the agreement. Official trades go through a Confederacy-liscened Trade Federation, where you might not find what you want/need, but there aren't any further conditions. Here is what each trade looks like:

Free Trade (Example) Edit

Requesting Empire: Karnasaur

Requested Empire: Heglarean

Resources wanted/needed: Naquadah

Resources to be given: Energy Cores/500,000 Sporebucks

Conditions: To be decided


Offical Trade (Example) Edit

Requesting Empire: Karnasaur

Resources: Naquadah

Price: Posted by Moderator

Reason: To construct Stargates

Accepted/Rejected (By Moderator)

Thats all you need to know. Now get out there and trade!

Trades Edit

Free TradeEdit

Requesting Empire: Traconian

Requested Empire: Neokasha

Resources wanted/needed: Syndite

Resources to be given: Harexium

Conditions: To be decided

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