"This tool converts all the cities on your home planet to ones truly deserving of the status as capital of a galactic empire."

The most expensive and potent colony upgrade, the Galactic Capital tool triples the size and resourcing capacity of every city on the player's home planet, and quadruples the size of their original city. The tool can only be used on the player's homeworld, but offsets this limitation with no pirate raids within and twenty-five-parsec radius and a radically reduced likelihood of attacks by alien empires within this area. The planet will sustain five Heavy Fleets and ten Strike Fleets as well as provide five extra trading deal opportunities.

In addition the planet will be surrounded by space platforms, and numerous space elevators will appear on the planet's surface. The planet's surface will have many large highways criss-crossing it; all vehicle traffic on the planet will increase. Many areas of the planet will be made up of various inbuilt game designs for massive city structures and monuments; put simply, the planet will become vastly more grand.

There is only one downside to this tool, and that is that no spice may be mined from the planet anymore.

Requirements Edit

To purchase the Galactic Capital tool the player must have gained the Colonist 5 and Empire 5 badges.

This tool requires purchased ammunition

Locations Edit

Your Empire: §5,000,000

Ecologist Empire: §2,500,000

Bard Empire: §2,500,000

Diplomat Empire: §2,500,000

Trader Empire: §2,500,000

Types of Colony
Mining ColonyResort ColonyArchive ColonyFortress ColonyPrison ColonySector CapitalGalactic Capital

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