Galactic Empire
200px-Imperial Emblem svg
The Imperial Seal
Type Empire (Imperial Magistrate)

Imperial Emperor
Capital World Coruscant
Ruling Body Imperial Magistrate
Legeslative Imperial Governors Council
Ambassadorial Imperial Ambassadorial Council
Naval Head Supreme Imperial Admiral
Army Head Supreme Imperial General
Founding Charter of Coruscant
Main/Ruling Species Human
Currency Imperial Credit
Anthem Imperial March

The Galactic Empire was a human empire that originated in the Cygnus Arm of their Galaxy. It started as one of the many human empires seeded across the Galaxy by the Precursors. These humans (called "Imperials" in later times) were seeded on the habitable and mineral-rich planet Coruscant, orbiting a blue supergiant star called Omega near the Galactic Core. Eventually, these humans completely covered their home planet in one enormous multi-leveled city. They then began colonizing other planets, conquering other alien empires, and exploring the Cygnus arm. Until they encountered the Grox. After a massive war, the Imperials emerged victorious and drove the Grox out of the Galactic Core and its surrounding areas. The Galactic Empire is venerated because of their millitary might and technological advances. They control thousands of worlds and star sytems and maintain massive armadas of Imperial-Class Star Destroyers and many other massive and small ships. Their citizens are also very loyal, escpecially in the Core Wolrds. The Imperials have an expansionist policy of exploring the star sytems and then either colonizing a habitable or mineral rich planet if uninhabited, or conquering an inhabbited world. Dead or unhabbitable worlds are ussually terraformed to support life. The Empire is ruled by the Galactic Emperor.

Imperial Galaxy Map

A Galactic Map showing the Galactic Empire (Blue), The Grox Remnant (Red), the Zealots of Spode (Yellow), the Rende'li Coalation (Green), Hutt Space (Orange), and The Covenant (Purple).


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