The Birth of The Galactic Federation&nbspEdit

Many Years ago, the Grox Empire took control of the Center of the the Galaxy.

The rest of the Galaxy, plagued by infighting and ununited, could do nothing but watch as the power of the Grox grew in size and strength.

nothing could match their power.

Until the arrival of the Lotrassi!

The Lotrassi, despite being extremely young by Galactic Standards, quickly esablished a large Space-faring Republic, something never before seen by the Galaxy. The Lotrassi Republic made peace between it's neighbours, creating a large network of alliances.

Lotrassi envoys travelled the Galaxy, establishing trade routes and even more alliances. Soonon, the Lotrassi Republic was known everywhere, a beacon of Light and Truth.

Soon however, an evil empire known as the Morls, slaves of the Grox, were jealous of the Lotrassi, and launched an invasion of the Lotrassi Republic.

Within minutes of the invasion, the Lotrassi Republic was torn apart. Bombs fell, burning lush forests, and raiders looted the marble halls. The entire Lotrassi Government was murdered, and the capital was destroyed.

The Lotrassi fleet, having been scattered across the Galaxy on diplomatic missions, could not reach the Home systems in time. All seemed to be lost.

But they were not alone. Hearing of the invasion, the other races launched their best fleets to to the Republic, rushing to it's defense. After weeks of brutal fighting, the Lotrassi Republic wa saved.

But their home was no more.

The Lotrassi Home systems were uninhabitable, having been pulverised to the point of simply being chunks of broken rocks, echoeing of destruction.

Yet, they did not give up. Following an Intergalactic Summit, the Galactic Federation was established, an organization dedicated to unity and defeating Evil. In a vast construction effort, a new artificial Planet, A vast Space station, so vast that sprawling cities dotted it's surface, with a full artificial atmosphere. Placed in the space that had once been the Lotrassi Republic, to serve as a new galactic Capital! From here, the Galactic Federation, led by the Lotrassi Survivors, fought the Grox and their slaves in open War across the Galaxy!

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