Galactic Media is the television, internet, and press of the galaxy.

Television ChannelsEdit

  • Channel 1: Galactic News Network (GNN) (Various News)
  • Channel 2: Galactic Broadcasting Channel (GBC) (Various News)
  • Channel 3: Milky Way Broadcasting Channel (MWBC) (Various News)
  • Channel 4: Galaxy News Channel (GNC) (Various News)
  • Channel 5: Milky Way Broadcasting Network (MWBN) (Various News)
  • Channel 6: Senatorial Broadcasting Channel (SBC) (Specializes on Galactic Senate)
  • Channel 7: Galactic News System (GNS) (Various News)
  • Channel 8: Galaxy Government Channel (GGC) (Politics, Galactic Senate)
  • Channel 9: Galactic History Channel (GHC) (Education, History of Galaxy)
  • Channel 10: Galactic Sports (GS) (Sports)

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