"We are solely responsible for vanquishing the Grox, not gain fame. We will save this galaxy, whether they know it or not."

The Galvadan are a race of small reptiles from Omega-4, a star system on the edge of the Galaxy. Little is known about them except that they have a deep hatred for the Grox.

History Edit

The Galvadan originated from the star system Xenos, a system located only a few light-years away from the galactic core's edge. Their small stature caused them to focus heavily on their technology, eventually creating powerful weapons and star ships. For years, the Galvadan increased their strength and expanded further through the galaxy.

Unfortunately, the Galvadan stumbled upon Ilmidad, a Grox planet. A few seconds after the Galvadan made contact with the Grox and tried to establish a peaceful relationship, they were attacked. The Galvadan countered and what resulted was a war between the two races.

Eventually, the Galvadan were defeated and forced to either migrate from Xenos or face the utter annihilation of their species. They escaped to the far edge of the galaxy where they began to rebuild and prepare an even stronger military to one day defeat the Grox for good.

Society Edit

The Galvadan follow the Philosophy of Force and have the archetype of Knight. They believe that the purpose of their species is to vanquish the Grox and free the galactic societies from the threat of falling to them. Their goal has consumed their entire existence and all things not related to fighting the Grox have become foreign.

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