Named after the mythical creature of the same name, the Garmatox is the flagship of the 11th Melee Subdivision. It is considered the most advanced Dhragolon ship, only rivaled by the Dragon Cruiser itself. The ship also serves as the mothership for the GSSOC.


The Garmatox was constructed in 1993 AD. It was originally a prototype for a new type of battleship exclusively for Alda'Kapura, but due to its amazing multifunctionality and efficiency, it became a carrier for Churszath as well. The ship was originally commanded by Grandmaster Dalack Zaryat, but after being killed in action several decades later, Grandmaster Zerif Bazwuna took over. The ship has been continuosly upgraded and maintained for nearly 150 years.


Most Dhragolon soldiers rarely if ever return home so life aboard the Garmatox is for the most part permanent. The same applies for other ships in the fleet.


Crew - 2000 Dhragolon

Fighters - 20 (including the hybrid-carrier Batra)


2 Large Laser Cannons

10 Autoturrets

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