Genesis is the story of the early life of Asir Owar, adoptive son of Colonel Etah Owar.


"So... what are we going to do with him now?" Asked the Dhragolon.

"I'm going to take him home, to the Bunker. He'll be staying in my dorm, and I'll spend every moment I can spare with him, tending to him." The Karnasaur replied.

"What about when we're on missions? Although I must admit, it would be hilarious for you to do what you do with a baby strapped on your back, it probably wouldn't be good for it's-" The Eteno started.

"His. It's a he." The Karnasaur interjected.

"It probably would't be good for his health." The Eteno finished.

The GSSOC team had just wrapped up a terrible night out drinking and were driving home to the Bunker. But they had one extra.

"I don't know, maybe Karla can watch over him." This was the first time the Karnasaur mentioned that name without teasing the Eteno.

"I guess. I don't know Etah, I know you're intent on watching over this kid, but you're not exactly a normal dad."

"And you're not a normal godfather, Tholker. This child is my responsibility now. I take my responsibility without question. I made an oath on his father's life that I would take care of this hatchling and watch over him, and give him the life only I can give him."

"Alright. I took that same oath when I accepted the godfather title, so I'm right behind you, pal."

Etah looked solemnly at the silent, sleeping hatchling in his arms, wrapped in the blanket. He closed his eyes, and held the child close to him, and slept.

Etah carried the small child to his dorm, and set him down on the comfortable bed, still wrapped warm in his blanket. It was morning, and he probably had work to do, but he didn't care. He had a sleeping child, and he himself was tired beyond all belief. He laid down, and curled around the child, so that his body wrapped around Asir's; A father protecting his hatchling.

A father guarding his son.

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