Halas is a small planet with a very powerful magnetic field. It is the homeworld of the Juslan Empire. The Juslan are a very clever species that levitate with their own magnetic field!

Geographical FeaturesEdit

Halas is a small planet, about the size of Venus. However, its magnetic field extends to the Galactic Core! Lucky for the planet, the field is too weak there for even the Grox to notice! The magnetic field shreds anyone that gets too close. the Juslan created vehicles that bypass the magnetic field.


Prezooan EonEdit

Lower Prezooan PeriodEdit

The comet has just hit the planet of Halas. Magnetic clashing creates protiens that will make new unique creatures.

Middle Prezooan PeriodEdit

The comet creates an explosion of life. Eventually, a few cells became dominant (and visible).

Upper Prezooan PeriodEdit

The Juslan cell gets a brain. This is the end of the Prezooan Eon.

Zooan EonEdit

Poak EraEdit

Early PoakEdit
The first creatures reach the shore of the planet.
The Juslan species starts to take first flight. They hone in on their social skills.
Late PoakEdit
Many creatures, including the Juslan, rise in intelligence, becoming smarter, and more diverse.

Tohrk EraEdit

The Juslan evolve with strange new parts. Juslan get smarter, and at one time an epic creature was slain by these creatures.

Foozean EonEdit

Trooba PeriodEdit
The Juslan have made their first tribe. Eventually, competing tribes appear. Before founding the tribe, they have evolved powerful combat abilities, meaning other tribes will be annihilated soon.

Nationala PeriodEdit

The Juslan create their first city during this time period. They have created very unique buildings by using the planet's magnetic field as a support. The vehicles focus mainly on military abilities, posing a threat to competing civilizations. The Juslan avoided using air vehicles during this period.

Vasola EonEdit

The Juslan create their first space ship. This is the beginning of the Juslan Empire. Their goal is to explore the galaxy and colonize every part of the galaxy. The Juslan have also discovered many surprising discoveries around their home system. However, in about another 1.6 billion years, the Juslan scientists believe their home star will become a red giant and consume Halas.

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