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DietOmnivore; Small to medium terrestrial or amphibious creatures, fruits, seeds, leaves, roots, eggs
Other information
LocomotionTwo feet/flippers/wings
EnvironmentOcean Shallows, Reef, Woodland, Desert, Mountain, Grassland, Jungle, Swamp, Cave, Highlands, etc.
Size5 to 7 feet long
150 to 250 lbs
Lifespan~70 years (now about 300)

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Type: Warm-blooded Bipedal Amphibious Vertebrate

Lifestyle: Social/Religious Omnivore

Hunt/Gather Success Rate: (before Bronze) 40% hunt, 65% fish, 80% gather

Armor: Padded, but scaly on outside basic armor

Defenses: Medium tail with armored spike as well as strong kicking arms. Sharp and long beak can be used also. Wings can hurt the enemy as well.

Weapons: No real natural weapons but Bronze Age in technology.

Tools: a hand on each of two arms. Each with six fingers and one thumb (three on either side of the hand).

Method of Eating: Grab with arms and bring to beak to slice. Then into the gizzard to be ground up then digested three times, and finally out the anus on the opposite end.

Reproductive Rate: Reaches sexual maturity at 18 years. Can reproduce at any time of the year.

Gestation: 8 months then lays egg.

Offspring incubation: 3 months until egg hatches.

Number of Offspring: 2 to 3

Offspring Survival Rate (before age of maturity): 90%, babies are taken care of by Hessletifes too old to hunt

Diet: Seaweed, Fruit, Meat, Fish, mostly anything except tree bark and grass

Habitat: Almost anything, this includes Ocean, Reef, Swamp, Forest, River, Jungle, Desert, Highlands, Grasslands, Mountain, Cave, etc.