Hidrocyan GIF animation.

Hidrocyan is the Sapientuuk's homeworld; its name means "cyan waters".
Star: Cytin
Moon: Treus
Sentient species: Sapientuuk
Terrascore: T3
Spice color: Red


The Hidrocyan planet has watched the evolution of the Sapientuuk species, since the cellular times across the creature periods, the tribal ages, the civilization centuries, and the obtention of the space technology.

This world has "Dill pickles" geologic formations.


Hidrocyan and its moon, Treus.

Hidrocyan moon: Treus

Hidrocyan has a moon called Treus, originally, Treus had a T0 terrascore and a yellow surface, but in the Treusoic period of the Sapientuuk history (see Sapientuuk Empire) this moon was terraformed to T2 complete status, cause the economic situation needed another world that could produce Yellow spice.

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