The Higgsium Drive is a technological development of the Karnasaurs and is the only true FTL Drive technology in the Galaxy.


The Higgsium Drive (Or simply 'FTL Drive') is used in all Sauren space-faring ships and serves the role of faster-than-light travel. It works by using the material known as 'Higgsium' (refered to as such because it is composed of the Higgs Particle, capable of changing the mass of surrounding matter) to reduce the weight of a starship to zero, and then uses the ship's fusion core to generate a surge of directional energy backwards, sending the ship forward at FTL speeds (actual speed depends on variant). When the ship nears its intended destination, thedrive reduces the electical charge through the Higgsium core, returning the mass of the vehicle to normal, slowing it down to point where it can drift out of FTL into its intended destination, with some margin of error.


Several variants of the FTL Drive exist, each used for different funtions and each using different amounts of power. The following is a list of variants from weakest variant to most powerful:

  1. IP-D Variant - 'Inter-Planetary Drive', this is the weakest and cheapest variant. The IP-D is only used for traveling between planets. The msot common users are intra-system colonial transports delivering goods from a resource gathering operation on one planet to the primary colony ('System Capital) in the system.
  2. IS-D 1 Variant - 'Inter-Stellar Drive', this form of IS-D is the weakest for traveling across start systems. Usually used for short-range or low-income travel from system to system.
  3. IS-D 2 Variant - The IS-D 2 is a notch above the IS-D 1, and is usually used for small-business transport.
  4. IS-D 3 Variant - The IS-D 3 is usually used for middle-class or commercial transport, and is the most commonly used.
  5. IS-D 4 Variant - The IS-D 4 is reserved for the upper-class or large corporations.
  6. IS-D 5 Variant - Reserved for military and government use, the IS-D 5 is capable of traveling across the Galaxy in an hour or two.
  7. IG-D Variant - The IG-D, or 'Inter-Galactic Drive', is the most powerful Higgsium Drive available; It is only used for government-run colonization efforts, and military vessels have a basic, but operational sub-variant of the IG-D for use in case of a Total Recall Order. The IG-D is classified SCL3; The information of its existence is still public, but only exists in government databases.

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